60 years of Brühler Schlosskonzerte

Under the artistic direction of Andreas Spering, 29 concerts will be held from 12 May through 2 September, 2018, celebrating the jubilee season together with illustrious guests, young soloists and faithful friends – and with Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia Armin Laschet as a new patron. The Haydn-Festival, the heart of the Brühler Schlosskonzerte for ten years now, will begin on 24 August, offering a cornucopia of magnificent concerts.

The founding of the Brühler Schlosskonzerte by Helmut Müller-Brühl in 1958 brought life and music to Schloss Augustusburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many top-class artists have found, and continue to find, an exceptional stage in its marvellous staircase. Listeners can enjoy first rate concerts in a superb rococo ambiance, which was built more than 250 years ago and dedicated to the arts: here, architecture and music work together perfectly. As the main performance venue for the Brühler Schlosskonzerte, in the most beautiful weeks of the year no less, the staircase by Balthasar Neumann will serve as the meeting point for brilliant artists who bring audiences closer to music from the renaissance and early baroque up through the 21st century, transporting profound knowledge about historical performance practice into the present days.

60 years of the Brühler Schlosskonzerte – a welcome occasion to celebrate with good friends. Accordingly, many true companions of the Brühler Schlosskonzerte enrich this year’s jubilee programme. Surprises and new impulses are also in store, keeping tradition alive while pointing to the future. The phenomenon of time moves the soul in this jubilee season in a special way, with numerous suggestions of it contained in the music: the seasons run like a thread through the programme in the interpretations of Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky and Haydn. And, of course, the expressive musical and pyrotechnic fireworks in the Schlosspark must not be left out in the jubilee year: a feast for the ear and eyes, and a festive close to the season.