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Ronald Brautigam (pianoforte)
Capella Augustina
Andreas Spering

It was the year 1782, and in Vienna the beautiful musician friendship between Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had just started. Mozart personally owned the scores of many of Haydn’s new creations. Among them was the Symphony No. 76, one of the first of Haydn’s orchestra works, which was not meant for the elitist circle at Esterházy Castle but for the general Viennese audience. At the same time Mozart unsuccessfully attempted to get his incidental music for the exotic freemason drama ›Thamos, King of Egypt‹ to a performance – his first musical steps toward ›The Magic Flute‹. When this came into existence, Beethoven most likely sat in Bonn in front of the drafts for his Piano Concert B-flat major, which he would later finish under the eyes of Haydn. On a historical fortepiano the Dutch pianist Ronald Brautigam lets you experience how Beethoven slowly emancipated himself from Mozart’s exemplary piano concerts to find his own concert personality as a pianist and composer.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–1791)
Musik zu ›Thamos, König in Ägypten‹ KV 345

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827)
Konzert B-Dur op. 19 für Klavier und Orchester

Joseph Haydn (1732–1809)
Sinfonie Es-Dur Hob. I:76


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