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O Fortuna!


You’ll cry, you’ll sigh, you’ll laugh! The young vocal ensemble InVocare, founded in 2018 at the famous Schola Cantorum in Basel and specializing in vocal music of the Renaissance, extols Fortuna and her power to bring fortune or misfortune over the people, revealing along the way how composers of the 16th and 17th century inspired each other, referred to each other’s work or even borrowed elements from each other. You can hear different musical renderings of identical lyrics, or diverse lyrics to the same music, compositional responses and borrowed references – the musical dialog of its time, in some cases even held across the Alps between England and Italy.

Luca Marenzio (1553–1599)
›Filli, volgendo i lumi‹

Sigismondo D’India (1582–1629)
›Filli, mirando il cielo‹

Luca Marenzio
›Ah, dispietata morte!‹

John Wilbye (1574–1643)
›Alas, what a wretched life is this?‹

John Dowland (1563–1626)
›Would my conceits‹

Orazio Vecchi (1550–1605)
›L’humor Sincero‹

›L’humor Licentioso‹

Heinrich Schütz (1585–1672)
›Di marmo siete voi‹

Girolamo Conversi (1572–1575)
›My hart, alas!‹

Claudio Monteverdi (1567–1643)
›Rimanti in pace‹

John Dowland
›Love those beams that breed‹

Giaches de Wert (1535–1596)
›Lacci, catene e ceppi‹

Carlo Gesualdo (1566–1613)
›Itene o miei sospiri‹

Luzzascho Luzzaschi (1545–1607)
›Itene mie querele‹

Claudio Monteverdi
›Piagne e sospira‹

Lupacchino dal Vasto (1543–1555)
›Che potea far‹

Benedetto Pallavicino (1551–1601)
›Vaghi boschetti di soave‹

Giaches de Wert
›Vaghi boschetti di soavi‹


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