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Haydn alla Ungarese

Miklós Lukács Trio:
Miklós Lukács (Cymbalom)
György Orbán (Double bass)
István Baló (Drums)

One of the most exciting approaches to Joseph Haydn belongs to the art of the Hungarian jazz trio around Miklós Lukács. The line-up with cymbalom, double bass and drums is as unusual as the program, which varies between jazz and classical. In Hungarian folk music the cymbalom, a hammered dulcimer, plays an important role. Miklós Lukács, who learned to play the cymbalom from his father and studied at the Franz-Liszt-Akademie in Budapest, emphasizes the melodic qualities of the percussion instrument and coaxes out of them an immensely large palette of timbres and forms of expression. In the world of the cymbalom, Lukács is a luminary – as a jazz musician he’s played with greats like Uri Caine, Herbie Mann and Roby Lakatos, and as a classical musician he works closely together with the composer Péter Eötvös. With us, Miklós Lukács improvises with his trio on selected pieces from Haydn’s feather. Haydn would surely have enjoyed it immensely.

Improvisation on (u.a.):

Joseph Haydn (1732–1809)
Minuet in G major, Hob. IX:3, No. 2

Serenade (Andante cantabile) from the String Quartet in F major, Op. 3, No. 5, Hob. III:17

Rondo alla Ungarese from the Piano Trio in G major, Hob. XV:25


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