Sun 26. August
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Wanderer between Haydn and Beethoven

Trio Wanderer

One of the most important piano trios of today, the Trio Wanderer will be guests at the Schloss Augustusburg for already the third time. These French musicians met during their studies at the Paris Conservatory and a year after forming, the trio won the renowned ARD Music Competition in Munich. They caused a sensation with their complete recording of the Trios by Beethoven - Haydn’s chamber music is likewise close to their hearts. His trios Hob. XV were created for the greater and more melodious fortepiano, which Haydn discovered in London. As the capstone of their concert in Balthasar Neumann’s world-famous staircase, the French musicians will play Beethoven’s “Archduke Trio.” The composer dedicated this mature last piano trio to the young archduke Rudolph and in it unfolds an almost orchestral sonority, so much so that one might not believe their eyes, because indeed just three musicians are sitting on the stage.

Joseph Haydn (1732–1809) Trio in C major, Hob. XV:21, for piano, violin and violoncello

Trio in F-sharp minor, Hob. XV:26, for piano, violin and violoncello

Trio in A major, Hob. XV:18, for piano, violin and violoncello

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827)
Trio in B major, Op. 97 for piano, violin and violoncello, “Erzherzogtrio”

Franz Schubert: Trio Es-Dur op. 100 für Klavier, Violine und Violoncello (Andante con moto). Trio Wanderer


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